2022 Chinaplas held on line during May 25 to June 14,2022.



2022 Chinaplas held on line during May 25 to June 14,2022.

Since the Pandemic caused by the Covid-19, the 2022Chinaplas has been changed to on line. It is a new type meeting and filled with innovation. Why we called it innovation, as it gathers many big companies to discuss on line on the new technology and the development directions.  Such as the carbon neurality in the electronic industry, green innovation and application forum for plastic logistics packaging, and industry 4.0 factory of the future eForum, design eForm, The Medical Materials and 3D printing summit, low carbon commitment plastic recycling, mono material and circular  economy eForm etc.

On April 17th 2023 Chinaplas will held on Shenzhen. We will be happy to see you there. As the well control on the pandemics domestic and external, China will allow more international business trips.

In this year, our company are doing some research on the plastic recycling saving energy and quality of pellets improving. And hope in the near future we will bring new and more advanced new technology.

Recently our company PURUI has tested some BOPET films recycling. It has a good performance. The pellets color nature and work stably. It is with underwater strand pelletizing, vertical dewatering, vibration dewatering. With PLC touch screen it is easy to control from the automatic feeding to the storage silo. Similar machine description you may also find in our website.

On the youtube we will update the latest testing video for your reference. Please subscirbe our youtube channel: 

Post time: Jun-20-2022