Plastic extrusion machine

  • PVC pipe making machine

    PVC pipe making machine

    We have been worked with famous Chinese pipe and extruder companies to launch a series of extrusion equipment:
    1.PPR,PP,PE pipe extruder
    2.Multi-layer PPR tube extruder
    3.PVC pipe extruder
    4.PVC Exextruder
    5.WPC Wood-Plastic Machine
    6.PET sheet extruder
    7.PC PMMA PSMS-chip extruder

    The equipment is exported to 70 countries worldwide, with stable after-sales and strong technical team support, we can provide you with a full range of complete solutions and equipment.

    PPR can be used for floor heating, residential and industrial central heating, industrial transportation (chemical liquids and gases), drinking water transportation, special applications, hot and cold water transportation.