Happy New Year! PURUI plastic recycling machine

On the 2022, it is a new year. The plastic recycling will face a chance as the carbon neutral efforts by all the counytries.

Global temperature keep rising, and nature disaster makes us more pay attention to the envoriment protection. Most of governments of all the nations, request for the recycling for the limit resource, especially for the plastic recycling. Though some plastics recycling is degrade recycling, such as the waste plastics bottles. But it will make a huge resource refunds instead of use new materials. Generally some new parts and some recycle and regrind is acceptable in mechanical, chemical safety and beneficial for all the people in the world as we are one connected and live in a world.

In the new year, our plastic pelletizing machine makes some improvements, like the safe control, online installation, after sale service and capacity enhance, etc. Firstly safe control is the electric parts use the international brand, and with larger capacity. Secondly the online installation help will be a good tool as the pandemic virus still roaring on all over the world. Thirdly the good and quick response of the after sale service make a good feedbacks from our new and regular customers. Forthly the capacity enhance of the extruder makes the machine more competitive and value for money.

PURUI has been established since 2006, with much experience and advanced technology in the plastic recycling machine like the HDPE and PET bottles washing line and pelletizing machine, LDPE and HDPE films,PP films and bags washing line and pelletizing machine. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jan-17-2022