Here’s how Coca-Cola is contributing to the plastic problem around the world

The soft drink industry produces 470 billion plastic bottles a year, designed to be used only once.Coca-Cola accounted for a quarter of that; nearly half of the Coke bottles were dumped, burned or littered.
Single-use plastic bottles save a lot of production costs.Coca-Cola owns hundreds of brands such as Fanta and Sprite and 55 bottled water brands.They use 3,500 plastic bottles per second, or about 2,00,000 bottles per minute.Coca-Cola products are sold in nearly every country, generating annual profits of $20 billion a year.
Uganda is an East African country with the largest and freshest body of water, Lake Victoria.It is one of the great lakes in Africa named after Queen Victoria and is on the verge of destruction due to plastic pollution.Uganda, known as an African powerhouse, is losing its identity because they are losing Lake Victoria.Uganda collects only 6% of plastic waste for recycling.More than three-quarters of all Coca-Cola products sold in Uganda are single-use plastic bottles.Since 2018, 156 billion plastic bottles have been incinerated, littered or buried in landfills, according to a Coca-Cola Panorama analysis.
In 2018, Coca-Cola launched a campaign called A World Without Waste, an ambitious environmental plan to make packaging 100% recyclable by 2025 and ensure that 50% of packaging is recycled by 2030. Made of recycled materials.

plastic waste

The plastic problem isn’t just about Coke.The entire soft drink industry faces recycling problems.Competitors such as PepsiCo and bottled water maker Dannon do not publish their collection and recycling rates, while Coca-Cola does.Coca-Cola’s annual report shows that they sold 112 billion single-use plastic bottles last year, 14 for every person on the planet, but only 56% of plastic bottles were sent to recycling plants, which means about 49 billion plastic bottles are not recycled .

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Post time: Mar-10-2022