Laminated films production craft and features and recycling

Laminated films are made by two or multiple layers of different material like PE,PP. PVC and PS and PET polymers with paper or metalic foils. They are mainlu used in the packing. Below we talk about the laminated films production craft and the features of it as well as the laminated film recycling.


Generally there are three kinds of craft to componding. Firstly extruding composite process is to melt the resin (polyethylene, polypropylene, EVA, ion resin, etc.) as adhesive or thermal layer, coated on a variety of films to be composited, and then work through cooling, curing.In the process,  if the second substrate is used, it is the extrusion composite.Otherwise it is extrusion coating. Secondly wet composite process uses water-soluble glue. Its characteristic is first composite, then dry. While the two substrates fit together there is still a considerable number of solvent in the adhesive parts. The wet composite process is usually used in paper and other substrate composite processing. It is widely used in tobacco packaging, candy paper / two layers of aluminum composite products. Thirdly Solvent-based dry composite process and solvent-free dry composite process have common points: when the two substrates fit together, there is no solvent or thinner in the glue layer coated on the adhesive substrate. The two processes are collectively refers to as dry composite process.But there is a difference between them: the former uses glue or commonly known as glue contains solvent, the latter uses glue or glue does not contain solvent.Therefore, on the solvent-free dry composite machine, the drying box is a necessary.


Features of the composited films:

1.Water vapor barrier, prevent wet goods dry and used for cool wet wipes: protect dry goods from moisture, such as baked products, powder products.

2. Acid material barrier. Prevent oxidation, such as for fat and fresh goods.

3. Carbon dioxide barrier.Preventing CO 2 loss in MAP packaging and achieving stable packaging gas composition with carbonated drinks.

4. Fragrance barrier.Protect the fragrance from the packaging and lose money such as coffee.

5. Smell barrier.Prevent the absorption of external odor or prevent the loss of fragrance.

6. Light barrier.Prevent the light oxidation such as dairy products.

7. Close it up firmly.For the sealing of the composite film, hot pressure sealing is used.


For the recycling we used the automatic pelletizing recycling system. With belt conveyer, cutter compactor and extruder, pelletizing and dewatering and wind transmission and packing. Below is the pictures of the machines. 

Post time: May-11-2022