New range of plastic machines like PE and PPRpipes and PVC pipes

After a long and happy Spring Festival, we are going back to work.


This New year we have expanded our product range. From the plastic recycling machine to the plastic product making machine. Not only the plastic washing line, pelletizing line, but also the PVC, PP,PE PE-RT PPR pipes and profile making machine. We cooperated with Beier on the new machines for the PVC, PP,PE PE-RT PPR pipes and profile making machine.


The pipes and profile making machine are mature and with high techmology. They have been exported to all over the world, with mature after sale service and before sale service. We hope we offer you either new customers or regular customers a reliable and satisfying project.


In the plastic recycling and plastic making machine, we will offer you the best and suitable plan with nice price for you to help you solve the plastic recycling problem and new products developing.


Below is some details machine for your reference:

 1.PE high speed high effiviency extrusion solution


  • The optimum spiral bush highly improves the output of extruder
  • Accurate temperature control system ensures material melting performance
  • Unique screw design achieves better plasticizing and high quality products
  • Precisely designed gearbox with a high torque granrantee stable running
  • H Sharp frame to decrease vibrating of extruder
  • Advanced PLC operation system realizedd synchronization and high quality products.
  • Adopt automatic water temperature and level control and special independent filters on both vacuum and cooling tanks
  • Offer stable haul-off unit with 2-12 caterpillars
  • Provide saw and chipe free cutting options
  • Low energy consumption and excellent performance and easy maintenance



 Model Pipe range Extruder model Extruder motor power(kW) Max output(Kg/h)
BRD -63 20-63 BRD60/38 90 450
BRD-110 20-110 BRD60/38 110 500
BRD-160 40-160 BRD60/38 110 680
BRD-250 50-250 BRD75/38 160 1000
BRD-450 160-450 BRD90/38 250 1100
BRD-630 280-630 BRD90/38 280 1300
BRD-800 315-800 BRD120/38 315 1300
BRD-1200 500-1200 BRD120/38 355 1400
BRD-1600 1000-1600 BRD90/38 & BRD90/38 250+250 2000
BRD-2000 1000-2000 BRD90/38 & BRD90/38 280+280 2200


 2.Multi-layer PP-R pipe production line

This line has been successfully processed in Germany and Middle East, widely satisfied and approved by customers.


PPR pipes can be used for floor heating, residential and industrial central heating, industrial transportation (chemical liquids and gases), drinking water transportation, special applications, hot and cold water transportation.


  • The extruder screw adopts L/D=38, double mixing head, separated structure, making the melt material plastic by 100% before entering the touch head. Open spiral groove at feed end to increase yield by 30%
  • The mold head adopts spiral design without hysteresis phenomenon, which can greatly improve the quality of pipe materials. Fixed sleeve is a special disc design, the guarantee of high speed extrusion pipe
  • Double vacuum box is completely independent control and operates as convenient as single line
  • The dual tractor is completely independent control, as convenient for operation as a single line, with the upper track limit device, which can ensure the roundness of the pipe.
  • Double cutter is chip-free cutting with completely independent control and easy to operate.


Main parameter:

Model   60/38 75/38 90/38 120/38
Application Raw material Maximum capacity
Water supply and gas PE 500 650 1100 1350
Antistatic coating PR-RT 400 600 1000 1200
Pipe fitting PPR 350 520 800 1100
Drainage and Sewage PP 350 520 800 1000


3.PVC pipe machine

Application: pressure water pipe, sewage pipe system, drainage pipe system, electrical appliances and telecommunications engineering pipeline


Main technical parameters


Pipe diameter

16-40double pipes

16-63double pipes






Conical twins crew extruder








Main motor(kW)








Maximum capacity








Post time: Feb-14-2022