PURUI Efforts on Plastic Recycling Machine

Continue to fight the COVID19, we've been wearing masks for almost three years.

Many fashion experts have regarded masks as new fashion items, printed with patterns, pasted a logo, installed an aromatherapy buckle and hung a mask chain, making great efforts in various designs.

Most of the first masks people put on because of the epidemic have disappeared Illustration

With life going on, epidemic prevention has gradually become a habit. masks have changed from low-frequency medical supplies to daily Fast moving consumer goods in public cognition.

According to the report of environmental science and technology magazine, the number of masks used and discarded in the world every month has reached about 129 billion, most of which are single use masks.

The waste masks in hospital will be used as medical waste and will be incinerated at high temperature by a professional medical waste company; The waste masks generated by residents' living collection have not been included in the harmless treatment process for medical waste. They are usually destroyed by incineration or landfill together with domestic waste.

Purui company make and design the waste plastic recycling machine. this machine contributing significantly to the reduction of plastic waste and by consequence marine plastic debris. It can help the recyclers from both production and consumption (so-called “upstream”) level to recycling and waste management (so-called “downstream”) level.

Water plastic recycling machine for recycle PP non-woven diaper leftovers, protective clothing and melt blown recycling granulator, with output of 200-1200kg per hour, which is in accordance with European electrical standards and recycling process.

PP non-woven fabric diaper leftovers, protective clothing, melt blown recycling granulator, including compactor, film extruder, hydraulic station, screen changing system, pelletizing system, drying system and other equipment.

PURUI is a three in one model specially designed for waste plastic recycling and efficient one-step solution.


Post time: Feb-22-2022