why choose self-cleaning filtration system?

PURUI company make and design a new type of self-cleaning filtration system adopts the latest research and development technology, which can realize non-stop cyclic extrusion, especially suitable for heavy pollution plastic granulation. The newest filtration system can treat and remove up to 5% of impurities in the melt. Separable impurities include paper, wood chips, aluminum, non-melting plastics, and rubber. The traditional screen changer needs to replace the dirty metal filter in time, while the newest system has continuous filtering performance and automatically removes impurities on the surface of the alloy filter plate, with an effective accuracy of up to 120 mesh. The advent of the PURUI newest self-cleaning filter has realized a more efficient production of pelletizing lines with an output of more than one ton per hour.

filtration system without filter

Typical functions :
♦ No filter screen is required, and the alloy filter screen has a long service life;
♦ Reliable continuous filtration, stable pressure;
♦ Complete self-cleaning work in the filter cavity, which is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the air;
♦ Automatic scraping action to ensure continuous self-cleaning of the filter screen;
♦ Reduce the waste of melt when the impurities are discharged;
♦ The screen can be easily replaced in 30 minutes;
♦ The filtration accuracy can reach 120 meshes, which can treat and remove 5% of impurities;
♦ Short flow channel and large filter area reduce the back pressure of the filter chamber;
♦ Larger filtration area, as many as 2.32 million micropores;
♦ PLC control realizes full automation.
Material: HDPE hollow bottle flakes
Impurities: aluminum foil 2% + label 1%
Model: Single screw water ring pelletizing line +  self-cleaning filterself-cleaning system
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Post time: Nov-29-2021