PET bottle flakes washing line

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PET bottles washing line we accumulated much experience from the actual project for our customers from all over the world.

In India and homeland we have designed the complete lines for customers recycling the PET bottles. According to customers requirement, we can add or remove some specific machines to reach the target.

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1000 kg/h HDPE bottles washing line layout


1.bale opener
2.Belt conveyer
3.Drum screen
4. Belt conveyer
5. Label remover
6. Pre-washer
7.Intelligent optical sorting system
8.Manual sorting system
10. Hot washer

11.Screw loader
12.Floating washer
13.High speed friction washer
15.Round floating washer
16.Floating washer
18.Pipe drying
19.Bottle label separator
20.Compacting packing

Features equipment:

1.Bale opener

Newly design PET bottles bales opener. Four shaft effectively open the bales and convey the separated bottles into the belt.


2.Label remover

Effectively remove the labels on the pressed bottles 99% and labels on the round bottles 90%.

3.Dewatering machine

It can remove water and sand to reach moisture 1%.


4.Bottle flakes labels separator

Effectively remove the crushed labels mixed in the bottles flakes.

The washing line consumption:

Items Average consumption
Electricity(kwh) 170
Steam (kg) 510
Washing detergent (kg/ton) 5
Water 2

quality and specification:

Capacity(kg/h) Power installed(kW) Required space(M2) Labour Steam requirement(kg/h) Water consumption(M3/h)
1000 490 730 5 510 2.1
2000 680 880 6 790 2.9
3000 890 1020 7 1010 3.8

flakes quality reference table:

Moisture content <0.9-1%
PVC <49ppmm
Glue <10.5ppm
PP/PE <19ppm
Metal <18ppm
Label <19ppm
Variegated tablets <28ppm
PH Neutral
Total impurity <100ppm
Flakes size 12,14mm 

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