PP, PE film and PP woven bags recycling system

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This whole production line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry PP/PE film, PP woven bags which comes from post consumer or post industrial. The raw material can be the waste agriculture films, waste packing films etc.

PURUI washing line features in the simple structure, easy operation, good performance, high capacity and low consumption etc. It will save much energy and labour.

After the raw materials washed well and dry well, it will get into the pelletizing line. The pelletizing line will process and pelletize the raw material to make it the nice plastic pellets for the next production. Either the material will be sold or to make the new films or bags.

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PP, PE film and PP woven bags recycling system



1.Belt conveyer
3.Horizontal friction washing
4.High speed friction washing
5.Floating tank
6.Screw loader

7.Dewatering maching
8.Screw loader
9.Floating washer
10.Screw loader
11.Plastic squeezer dryer

The main washing machines features:

A.Horizontal Friction Washing

It is designed to effectively remove the sand and label stick on the films. Will add water to wash.


B.High speed friction washing

It is designed to remove the sand the labels stick on the films. Will add water to wash.(picture)

C.Floating tank

It will float the raw material. And according to raw material situation, we may add the pneumatic valve to discharge the waste and sand. The design of the stainless steel chain to discharge waste to save the water.(picture)

Floating tank

D.Plastic dewatering machine

The dewatering machine removes dirty water, soil, and pulp after provious floating washing tank, so as to ensure the water in the subsequent washing tank is clean thus improve the cleaning performance.
The speed of the dewatering machine is 2000rpm running smoothly and low noise.(picture)

E.Plastic squeezer dryer

It will be used in the raw material drying in the washing system. Effectively remove the water and keep the moisture within 5%. Will largely improve the quality of the next plastic pelletizing processing. (Squeezer Picture)



Model NG300 NG320 NG350
Outputkg/h 500 700 1000
Raw material PE films and yarn,PP films and yarn PE films and yarn,PP films and yarn PE films and yarn,PP films and yarn 

(to offer squeezer picture and raw material pictures)

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