Two stages plastics Film and fibers and bags Pelletizing machine

Short Description:

Easy and automatic control and feed the soft plastics.
Belt conveyor get inter-lock with shredding compactor. Once compactor inner temperature go high too much, and its ampere go increase too much, belt conveyor get stopped automatically.
Compactor cutter valve, which can monitoring the material feeding speed avoiding melted compactor. That design do great help for balance cutting.
Double vacuum degassing system which can exhaust the gas and water vapor at large extent.
Various hydraulic filtering system ensure large filtering screen for impurity. Stable pressure and fast screen changing speed.
Cutting system used according to material feature

Product Detail

plastic recycling and granulating machine

lithium battery recycling equipment

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Processing Material:

HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, such like films, bags, flakes, film rollers, stretch film, shrink film, multi-layer film, T-shirt bag cut-offs
Foamed PE, EPS and XPS: rolls, bag, sheet, food container, fruit net , cover
Textile: PP fiber, raffia, silk, yarn, woven bag, jumbo bag


This compactor integrated pelletizing system benefits recycled material without pre-cutting
Compacting get equipped with cutter valves, which used for control material feeding speed
Vacuum system to exhaust water or gas at large extent
Excellent hydraulic screen filter with stable pressure for non-stop, no-leaking
Power saving with high output (0.28kwh/kg)

General working process:
1.Belt conveyor transfer material into shredding compactor.
2.The interlock control system between belt convey to and shredding compactor ensure balance feeding without melted compactor.
3.At the bottom of shredding compactor, there is one cutter board. with centrifugal force, recycled material get pre-cut by inside rotary cutters and stationary cutters.
4.After that, material goes into degassing screw from side of compactor.
5.With screw heating, plastic becomes semi-plastification material.
6.And then, semi-plastic material get cut into pellets.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model ML75 ML85/SJ90 ML100/SJ120 ML130/SJ140 ML160/SJ180 ML180/SJ200
Screw diameter(mm) 75 First stage 85Second stage 90 First stage 100Second stage 120 First stage:130Second stage:140 First stage:160Second  stage:180 First stage:180Second stage:200
L/D First stage: 26 to 37Second stage:10to 15
Output(kg/h) 100-150 150-250 250- 350 450-550  600-800 1000

Machine Pictures:

Single screw extruder
ML Model Extruder (2)

Double stage recycling extruder
ML Model Extruder (3)

General Information:

Model name ML
output Plastic pellets/granules/resins/plastic raw material
Machine parts Belt conveyor, cutter compactor, main extruder, pelletizing unit, cooling system, silo, cabinet
Recycling material PP/PE/LDPE/HDPE film, bag, fiber
Capacity range 100kg/h to 1200kg/h
Feeding way Conveyor, roll driving system
Screw diameter 75mm to 200mm
Screw L/D 26 to 33
Screw raw material 38CrMoAl or bimetallic
degassing Natural degassing, vacuum degassing
Cutting type Vertical pelletizing way, pull strip pelletizing
Cooling type Water cool, air cool
voltage Customized
Optional devices Metal detector, water cooling system, feeding silo, vibration system
Delivery time 40 to 60 days
Warranty time 13 months
Technical supports Machine layout, installation layout, engineer oversea service
Certificate CE/ SGS/ TUV/CO

Why choose us?

A.PURUI has professional manufacturer since 2006. we have our own technical design department. Each extruder get designed according to material feature.
B.Power saving with high output
C.Quality guaranty time is 12 months since the Bill of Lading date.
D.Delivery time: 40 work days to 60 days
E.Ship requested package
F.Machine installation is aboard available. It takes about 5 to 7 days with completing one time of installation. The assigned engineer(s) manage the machine user training, machine operation and commission.

Company Introduction:

Chengdu PuRui Polymer Engineering Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic recycling machines, extruder, plastic granulator and related auxiliary equipment in China. Our plastic pelletizing system's unique advantages are screw design, high output, good degassing and good filter effect. Our plastic washing line such as crusher with bearable resistance and sharp cutter, washing units, separating or sorting machine, drying system, and packaging system are of sound quality.

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  • A plastic recycling and granulating machine is a type of equipment used to recycle plastic waste into granules or pellets that can be reused in manufacturing new plastic products. The machine typically works by shredding or grinding the plastic waste into small pieces, then melting and extruding it through a die to form pellets or granules.

    There are different types of plastic recycling and granulating machines available, including single-screw and twin-screw extruders. Some machines also include additional features such as screens to remove impurities from the plastic waste or cooling systems to ensure the pellets are solidified properly. PET bottle washing machine, PP woven bags washing line

    Plastic recycling and granulating machines are commonly used in industries that generate large amounts of plastic waste, such as packaging, automotive, and construction. By recycling plastic waste, these machines help reduce the environmental impact of plastic disposal and conserve resources by reusing materials that would otherwise be discarded.

    Lithium battery recycling equipment is a type of equipment used to recycle and recover valuable materials from lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles. The equipment typically works by breaking down the batteries into their constituent parts, such as the cathode and anode materials, electrolyte solution, and metal foils, and then separating and purifying these materials for reuse.

    There are different types of lithium battery recycling equipment available, including pyrometallurgical processes, hydrometallurgical processes, and mechanical processes. Pyrometallurgical processes involve high-temperature processing of the batteries to recover metals such as copper, nickel, and cobalt. Hydrometallurgical processes use chemical solutions to dissolve the battery components and recover metals, while mechanical processes involve shredding and milling the batteries to separate the materials.

    Lithium battery recycling equipment is important for reducing the environmental impact of battery disposal and conserving resources by recovering valuable metals and materials that can be reused in new batteries or other products.

    In addition to environmental and resource conservation benefits, lithium battery recycling equipment also has economic benefits. Recovering valuable metals and materials from used batteries can reduce the cost of producing new batteries, as well as create new revenue streams for companies involved in the recycling process.

    Furthermore, the increasing demand for electric vehicles and other electronic devices is driving the need for a more efficient and sustainable battery recycling industry. Lithium battery recycling equipment can help meet this demand by providing a reliable and cost-effective way to recover valuable materials from used batteries.

    However, it’s important to note that lithium battery recycling is still a relatively new industry, and there are challenges to overcome in terms of developing efficient and cost-effective recycling processes. Additionally, proper handling and disposal of battery waste is crucial to avoid environmental and health hazards. Therefore, proper regulations and safety measures must be in place to ensure the responsible handling and recycling of lithium batteries.

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