HDPE bottles recycling line with sorting, crusher and color sorting, hot washing and dry function

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HDPE bottles washing line we accumulated much experience from the actual project for our customers from all over the world.

The HDPE bottles comes from detergent bottles, milk bottles etc in bales.Our washing line is complete with the bale opener, magnetic separator, prewasher, crusher, friction washing and floating tank and hot washing, label separator, color sorter and electric cabinet.

We have designed the complete lines for customers recycling the HDPE bottles in China and other countries. According to customers requirement, we can add or remove some specific machines to reach the target.

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HDPE bottles washing line layout


1 Chain plate charger
2 Bale opener(4shaft)
3 Magnetic separator
4 Belt conveyer
5 Trommel separator
6 Belt conveyer
7 Prewasher
8 Water filter screen
9 Water tank
10 Belt conveyer
11 Manual sorting platform
12 Belt conveyer

13 PSJ1200 Crusher
14 Horizontal screw charger
15 Screw charger
16 Medium speed friction washing
17 Washing tank A
18 High speed friction washing
19 Screw charger
20 Hot washing
21 High speed friction washing
22 Water filtering system with alkali dosing device
23 Screw charger

24 Hot washing machine
25 Dewatering and wind transmission
26 Hot washing machine
27 High speed friction washing
28 Screw charger
29 Washing tank B
30 Medium speed friction washing
31 Dewatering machine
32 Hot pipe dryer
33 Label separator
34 Label separator
35 Electric cabinet

Features equipment:

1.Bale opener

New design, with four shaft effectively open the PE bottles bales Body plate thickness:30mm, made by carbon steel anti-wear replaceable blades, two sides with blocking bolt



To screen out the stones, dust, small metals, and loos the caps and materials.

3.Middle speed Friction washing

To friction wash the tiny dirty stick on the flakes, such as the labels etc.


4.High speed Friction washing

● To friction wash the flakes and throw out the dirty
● Rotation speed: 1200rpm
● The parts contact material is stainless steel or anti-rust treatment,
● Water tank water pump

5.Dewatering machine

It can remove water, tiny scraps and sand to reach moisture 1%. The blades are welded with Anti-wear alloy.


6.Bottle flakes labels separator

Effectively remove the crushed labels mixed in the bottles flakes.

The washing line consumption:

Items Average consumption
Electricity(kwh) 170
Steam (kg) 510
Washing detergent (kg/ton) 5
Water 2

PE washing line quality and specification

Capacity(kg/h) Power installed(kW) Required space(M2) Labour Steam requirement(kg/h) Water consumption(M3/h)


1000 490 730 5 510 2.1
2000 680 880 6 790 2.9
3000 890 1020 7 1010 3.8

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